Thursday, February 16, 2012

1 month

We've been here a month!  Since I'm not great at emailing pictures or sending updates, maybe this blog will help. 

Although there has obviously been a lot of transition for us, everyone seems to be settling into a routine. 
We are enjoying living in Santo Domingo and traveling to the beach most weekends.  Living in the capital city is very different than living in Burlington.  It is taking some getting used to, but we are getting our routine down.  Liv & I spend most days playing in the condo, shopping, at music class, and most recently a playgroup.  She has learned 'hola', 'adios', and 'mas' and is the center of attention everywhere we go.  Generally people are really nice and accommodating, although traffic is a nightmare so walking places has been a challenge to say the least.  We have discovered a couple of indoor play areas in nearby malls which helps during the midday sun.

Our condo is working out great.  It is close to shops and restaurants and is large enough for Liv to run around all day.  It has 2 floors, LR,DR, kitchen downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

Everyone seems to ask the same questions when we talk to people at home, so here are a couple answers for you:
  1. Is it hot? Yes, its at least 80 everyday.
  2. Do you go the beach everyday? No, we live in a city of 4 million.  Although the ocean is 3 miles away, you wouldn't want to swim in it.  We do travel to the beach every weekend though, either a daytrip or overnight.
  3. How's the food?  The food is great, although my daughter survives on mac-n-cheese, peanut butter, and fruit so her diet hasn't changed.  We eat at home most of time because the restaurants near us are pretty fancy and overpriced.  We try to save eating out on the weekends, but normally treat ourselves to ice cream about every other day.

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