Thursday, February 23, 2012

Krispy Kreme & Netflix

I have to admit, I'm feeling spoiled this week.  Since we are heading out on vacation for 10 days soon we decided to spend the past weekend at home in the city.  At first I was not in love with the idea because if I'm not at the beach I feel like I'm missing something, but the weekend turned out great and it was very relaxing to not travel for once.

We decided to venture out and explore some parts of Santo Domingo that we have never visited.  We started at Dominican Fiesta Hotel since we heard they have day passes and a great kiddie pool.
The pool is about 12-18 inches deep and perfect for Olivia.  She had so much fun and slept for 14 hours that night!  We will definitely be visiting this pool a lot in the upcoming months.

I also introduced Charles to one of my favorite pasteleria's in the city.  I've been keeping it all to myself, but I figure that wasn't fair so we stopped by La Cuchara de Madera for some amazing dulces and cappuccinos.  The bakery is right behind Acropolis mall where Olivia and I spend lots of time on hot days since they have indoor play areas.  Both places are about 3-4 blocks from us.  (You can see our apartment building in the picture below, we are the 6-story building on the right.  Acropolis mall is the tallest building in the background.)
Besides that we took some nice walks in our neighborhood.  There is no traffic on Sundays so it is pretty easy to walk around and explore.  The street behind us is normally loud and busy during the week since there is a Montessori school located there, but on the weekend its very quiet during the afternoon.
By the end of the weekend we treated ourselves to little bit of home - Krispy Kreme and streaming season 3 of Madmen on Netflix.  We are quickly learning that Santo Domingo has a lot to offer.  It is a very large city, but with some patience and some research it is becoming a great 'temporary' home for us.

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