Friday, March 2, 2012

Its all about a bird...

Everyone always assumes we are in the DR because of Kerchner Artisan Chocolate (read more about that here), but the real reason we are here is because of a bird.

This bird -
The Bicknell's Thrush (BITH) winters in the Dominican Republic and Charles is currently working to preserve an ecological corridor in the DR that is very important for its habitat.  Earlier this week Charles and his project partners hiked their soon-to-be acquired Finca Ortega property.  Although speculation was high if they would see a BITH, their mission proved successful.

A next stage of the project will include planting tree species in which BITH can thrive and hopefully help sustain the bird's population.

An added benefit to the project will be our ability to plant Criollo cacao varietals on the property which will one day be used to produce a Finca Ortega bar for Kerchner Artisan Chocolate.

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