Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know it seems redundant that we take vacation when we live in the Caribbean, but we honestly work everyday so it was a blast to have both my in-laws and our friends visit Punta Cana over the last couple weeks so we could trade the capital for the beach.  Yes, we still had work to do, but our offices looked like this:

While we did not stay at the all-inclusives, both sets of our visitors stayed at Iberostar (Bavaro & Dominicana) and seemed quite happy.  We were there a lot and enjoyed our experience as well (minus the gate security guards - that place is like Fort Knox).  We stayed in the town of Cortecito in a condo at White Sands & at Hotel Alisios.  Both places suited our needs for the 2 weeks, and we would definitely recommend the condo at White Sands Golf Course to anyone who was headed to the area.  The hotel was fine, and the location was great next to El Cortecito Beach, but the condo offered a lot more space for almost the same price and was walking distance to Iberostar on the beach.
The most amazing part of the trip was getting to spend time with Charles' parents and our friends from the Boston area.  It is such an amazing place to share such beautiful memories.


When I visit the beach I always try to take a walk on the beach first thing in the morning before it is too hot and before the crowds come out.  On the last morning I strapped Olivia onto my back in her Ergo and took a calm walk down the playa.  I had a momentary wave of sadness come over me as I knew we had to check out of the hotel and go home that day, but then I realized - we live here.   So Blessed!

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  1. Thanks so much Jessica for posting this. GREAT pictures! We have been reliving our trip all week with our friends. We had such a great time. We miss you guys. We are now adjusting back to cold weather. Piper misses you too!
    Dad has been 50 copies of your article in the Burlington Free Press. They have been handed out to everyone, included the Joseph's who we went to dinner with last night.
    Do you want us to give a copy to the Wellesley Townsmen? They could tag it on to the first one they did about you when you went to the Peace Core.
    love you guys!
    (typed by your oldest sister :-)
    ps. beth is skiing this weekend with kevin.
    they were at sunday river this am and then are going to do a full moon hike at mt. abrams tonight.

    do you want to skype at 6pm Sunday?
    i think we'll be on the same time zone starting tomorrow. we move our clocks one hour ahead tonight.